East Liberty

If an era of economic distress beginning in the 1960s represents East Liberty’s sophomore slump, Pittsburgh’s rising star has since graduated, landed its dream job, and gotten hitched. Surrounded by seven neighborhoods in the heart of the East End, “S’liberty” continues to steal headlines as its commercial and residential redevelopment unfolds. Now marked as a “metropolitan chic” food mecca, technology hub, and real estate capital, this historic spot knows no bounds. On track with the ‘Burgh’s pivotal restaurant renaissance, East Liberty has seen an emergence of chef-driven eateries and cocktail bars. Meanwhile, boutique hotel newcomers Ace and Indigo have taken the city’s staycation scene by storm. A hop ‘n’ skip down the road, tech-charged Bakery Square houses Google’s Pittsburgh offices, Bakery Living’s posh townhouse and apartment rentals, and a multitude of community events involving craft beer. In case you missed it: There’s never been a better time to live in East Liberty.