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Ode to Pittsburgh: Holiday 2016 Edition

December 2016

Whether inherent or learned, there’s a trait shared by the overwhelming majority of us Pittsburghers, new and old. If you love Pittsburgh, you know, unapologetically: You love the shit out of this little city. This time of year, in particular — when lights are strung, drinks are flowing, cheerfulness is at an all-time high — we’re lured into retrospection. We reflect on this place we so endearingly call our home, and on the reasons we dreamt up this agency first and foremost. Our goal has always been centered around our city’s community: building it, understanding it, being a part of it. Real estate, despite everything you thought you knew, is not about places. It’s about people. And you, neighbors, are the driving force of everything we do here at Lifespace. As we bid farewell to 2016, know that you — and dear ol’ Pittsburgh — are reason enough for celebration. Happy holidays, friends.