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Black Cherry Design studio Lawrenceville Pittsburgh

Black Cherry Design: Small team, big ideas

“Good design is timeless, really.”

That’s interior designer Stan Adamik’s opinion, and — given his 20 years in the industry and two as a founding partner at Lawrenceville’s Black Cherry Design firm — we trust it.

In addition to Adamik, the intimate Butler Street studio is backed by Lauren Piasecki, designer and founding partner; and Craig Weidman, design assistant. Offering full-service residential and commercial interior design, Black Cherry’s extensive portfolio spans everything from restaurants and boutique hotels to condominiums and estates.

Black Cherry Design studio Lawrenceville Pittsburgh

Upon launching the company in 2014, Adamik and Piasecki worked temporarily from East Liberty’s resident coworking space, Beauty Shoppe. More recently, after hiring newcomer Weidman straight out of college, the trio settled into a neighborhood close to their hearts.

“We just like the vibe of Lawrenceville,” says Adamik. “I always have. [The neighborhood] is pretty dynamic, and it’s growing a lot.”

In parallel, Black Cherry Design is also growing — and fast. In early 2017, the firm plans to open a “brick-and-mortar lifestyle store” at 3701 Butler Street, just two blocks away from their current studio. “Our new location will house our existing design studio and new furniture boutique,” says Piasecki.

Until then, the artistic team’s focus on interiors remains sharp. Bold, contemporary, and comfortably lived-in, the aesthetic of their own office reflects the signature “Black Cherry brand” — the one so often applied to clients’ personal and professional properties.

Black Cherry Design studio Lawrenceville Pittsburgh

From left to right: Adamik, Weidman, and Piasecki.

“I like to call it collected,” Piasecki says of the look. “Like you’ve collected things over time. We always say that to clients — that we don’t want it to look like you worked with a designer.”

Subtle sophistication. It’s an art form, surely, and one that the folks at Black Cherry Design have mastered. By utilizing textures and pieces of art in nontraditional ways, clients are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind — and expertly curated — redesign.

Their secret?

“We try to stay away from things that are trendy,” Piasecki explains. “If they’re trendy, then they’re sort of already over. And there are classic pieces that can be interpreted in new ways that we can use again and again and again.”

Says Adamik, “It’s not important for us to follow the trends. If they’re good, we do.

“But we also try to avoid doing schemes. Texture and art are very important to us. Finishing a room with good art is important. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive painting. If it’s collected and edited and put together well, it can work.”

Black Cherry Design studio Lawrenceville Pittsburgh

Adamik says that while Black Cherry’s designers are “happy to freshen up a space” — an entire house or a single room — with new finishes or decorative elements, their services are often requested before a property is even built.

“We will do interior space planning — so, interior architecture from a raw space — and we’ll work with architects from the ground up,” he says. “If you can and are willing to, get a designer involved as soon as possible in the [building] process. People usually hire a designer to sort of ‘fix’ the mistakes they’ve either made, or their builder made. Or the house wasn’t designed properly to begin with.”

Certainly, this line of work presents its own distinct set of daily challenges — on one occasion, Adamik was asked to design a room entirely in black, white, and gray — but its payoff is immeasurable.

Black Cherry Design studio Lawrenceville Pittsburgh

“I do like getting to work with so many different kinds of people,” says Adamik. “I mean, when you work with clients the way we do, you have to really develop relationships with them. And you work with them over really long periods of time, and you’re working with them with the most personal aspect of their lives — their houses; their homes.

“The clients that are terrific are really terrific. And they drive you to keep doing this, and they understand it, and they get it. And they appreciate your creativity and talent.”

And in return, Adamik, Piasecki, and Weidman have traveled as far as New York to shop for their customers.

“We have lots of things in the showroom,” says Piasecki. “Samples and things like that. But oftentimes, we’ll go out to stores. We’ll travel. We’ll do whatever it takes to get [clients] what they’re looking for.”

Black cherry trees grow all over North and South America. But service like this? It’s a much rarer find.

Black Cherry Design studio Lawrenceville Pittsburgh

Black Cherry Design studio Lawrenceville Pittsburgh

Black Cherry Design studio Lawrenceville Pittsburgh

Black Cherry Design studio Lawrenceville Pittsburgh

Black Cherry Design studio Lawrenceville Pittsburgh