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6035 Saint Marie | East Liberty

6035 st marie street, pittsburgh pa 15206

6035 Saint Marie | East Liberty

under contract
6035 st marie street
pittsburgh, pa 15206

Atlas Estates‘ latest rehab is under contract, which makes this particular post a little bittersweet. On one hand, we’re thrilled for the new development company and honored to have played a part in this sale. But — we also truly enjoy informing you of Pittsburgh’s latest and hottest properties while they’re still available. We’ll often alert you of these spaces before we even list them on the active market (because we are such good friends).

However, in the case of East Liberty’s 6035 St Marie Street…well, let’s just say this house is a few miles away from being market-ready. Like, the mid-renovation, you-definitely-should-not-walk-barefoot-in-here kind of incomplete. Don’t get us wrong; the place is well on its way to A-list status. Which is probably how our team was able to sell it this early in the game.

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