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5 Landscaping Trends That Increase the Value of Your Home

By Susan Mackey



The good news? Houses don’t stay on the market for long in Pittsburgh. The bad news? Home prices have dropped a bit in the past year. But there are some things sellers can do to slay the higher offers.

It starts with first impressions. So lace up and try these five landscaping trends to get your home sold!

More Grass (No, not that kind!)

A lawn with nothing but grass is just sooo basic. Yes, a number of cool-season grasses grow nicely in Pittsburgh, and a healthy, green lawn impresses. But many decorative grasses also grow well — and they add texture and a natural vibe to your yard. Grasses such as the airy, magenta pink muhly and the metallic blue Sioux blue add color to your garden, and they’re low maintenance.




Picture a sweeping stone walkway leading to your front door. Or the family vegging on a wooden deck. These are both examples of hardscaping. While it’s one of the more costly landscaping trends, it also increases the value of your home. It’s also more permanent than other trends and gives homeowners more space to party!


No one will notice how woke AF your landscaping is in the dark. Make your house lit with some light. Light the walkway to your front door or uplight the front of your home. Either move boosts your home’s fire–and sends the burglars to other, darker houses in the neighborhood. Go a step further and throw some motion-sensor security lights above the garage. You can hire a contractor to wire electric lights or take the cheaper DIY route and buy solar-powered lights from a local home improvement store.

Natural touches