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1712 Fox Way, Pittsburgh PA 15203

1712 Fox Way | South Side Flats

3 beds / 1.5 baths

1712 fox way
pittsburgh, pa 15203

The South Side isn’t known for its subtlety. So when we stumbled across this bamboo-floored, fully updated, supremely located townhouse on Fox Way, we seized the opportunity to bring it to your attention. Of course, the below photos don’t lie: This place isn’t exactly a tough sell. Floor plan is open; kitchen countertops, granite; sun deck, enclosed. But most impressive is the way 1712 Fox Way boasts a spacious first level, two bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, a separate laundry room, and a third-floor bedroom…within 1,200 square feet. Have we perused smaller spaces? Sure. But when a compact townhome allows you to move freely while simultaneously offering city-views via French doors, it’s kind of a big deal. Assuming we’re in agreement, why don’t you give us a quick dial and explore this gem for yourself?